Mediation is NAR's preferred method of dispute resolution. 

Arm yourself with the techniques, skills and expertise used by professional mediators in their everyday practices!

REM-S Basic Mediation Skills Training

Real Estate Mediation Specialist

Mediation Skills Training

40 Hour Basic Mediation Skills Training from Conflict Resolution Overview thru the 5 Stages of Mediation to Staying Legal as a Mediator.

Real Estate Negotiation

Getting to YES! Negotiating agreements without giving in! Key skills for every real estate & mortgage professional.

Divorce & Real Estate

Learn to provide mediation support to attorneys and mediators when the marital home is at stake during divorce.

Getting to YES!

Add the REM-S training to your list of qualifications!

  • 40 Hour Basic Mediation Skills Training
  • Emphasis on Real Estate & Divorce in Real Estate
  • Offer Mediation Support Services
  • Trains You to Mediate!

 Mediation Skills Training $945

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The Values of Mediation Training

  • Mediation training is contributing to better cultures of conflict in organizations and systems of all kinds. More than this, it can change people’s lives.
  • Mediation training empowers you with better clarity in communication and it enables the trainee to empower others through the ways in which he or she then improves communication.
  • Mediation can be an instrumental tool in helping individuals become better team members and provide a value add to employers. Going through a mediation training will allow you to better understand the skills needed to pull out interests of both parties and help them come to a mutual solution moving forward
  • While mediation holds its formal place in the legal sphere, many overlook the benefits meditation can bring to their own businesses. Through mediation training, professionals will learn skills to help deal with difficult clients, gaining the ability to ask probing and open ended questions to understand underlying drivers and desires. Trained mediators will also be able to navigate difficult internal workplace conflicts – the capability to understand and identify wants and interests of coworkers and supervisors can help individuals tailor their work, style, and solutions to meet the needs of everyone.

Real Estate Mediation

Real Estate Disputes come in all shapes and sizes. 

Repair and inspection issues, costs for repairs, earnest money disputes, and claims of misrepresentation about the condition of the property, appliances or fixtures are all examples of situations where mediation and arbitration are effective and less expensive

In recent years, our society has seen a dramatic increase in litigation. Turning to the courts to resolve disputes seems to be an almost instinctive reaction these days. However, the sobering reality is that lawsuits can be financially and emotionally draining for the participants, and can even impact our economy over the long-run. While buyers and sellers of real estate usually are able to negotiate away the little disputes that arise in the course of their transactions, sadly those disputes do sometimes end up in lawsuits.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to litigation for resolving disputes. Mediation is one such alternative that is growing rapidly in popularity--one that can dramatically reduce the time and cost (both emotional and financial) of resolving disputes. In fact, many real estate contracts, now require the parties to mediate many disputes that might arise between them.

Adding the REM-S Mediation skills training to your tool box not only helps you negotiate contracts, inspection issues, but may help reduce the chances of any dispute escalating to litigation.

Mediation Support in Divorce

Basic Mediation Skills training is training you not only need as a member of the professional divorce team, but it will help you better serve your divorcing clients. Not to mention you will have a skill set that will enhance your overall real estate and mortgage business. Basic mediation skills training allows you to provide the required mediation support for divorce cases that are currently in mediation or the collaborative process. 

As a financial neutral, mediation training helps you level up your negotiation skills, provides you a better opportunity working with both clients and all parties involved in the divorce case. Your approach becomes very different - you understand and can implement the needed communication skills needed during the negotiation stage.

You absolutely must have the ability to mediate issues that involve the marital home and other real estate owned - especially if mortgage financing is involved.

REM-S Course Delivery

The REM-S 40 hour basic mediation skills training is offered online as a self-study program. There is a very detailed study manual, assessments and practical assignments. There are also various video simulations available where appropriate. Upon completion of the 10 courses contained, there is a final REM-S mediation skills test. You will be issued a Certificate of Completion for the 40 Hour Basic Mediation Skills training as well for your records.

We are presenting the REM-S 40 Hour class live in Denver in November and will be including many more additional training videos from the live training event.


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