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Build your divorce lending practice in just 6-weeks!

Build a successful divorce lending practice and add more stability and loan closings to your mortgage business.

  • 75% of all divorce in the United States involve real estate.
  • 47% of all divorces with real estate either sell or refinance the marital home.
  • The Divorce Market is not cyclical like the housing market and interest rates.
  • Divorce Referrals are motivated referrals who absolutely need mortgage financing.


While there may be many specialty markets within the mortgage industry, one of the largest and most significant is the divorce lending market. With a national average divorce rate of 3.4 per 1,000 population and 75% of all divorces involving real estate, the need for specialized mortgage professionals in the divorce market is huge.

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  • Develop Your Marketing Game Plan & Execution
  • Leverage Your Knowledge to Create Strategic Partners


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