Celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary! The Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP) program has successfully educated and trained professionals since 2014.

A recent survey of current CDLP members shows an average increase of 3 divorce loan closings each month after obtaining their CDLP Certification!

Certified Divorce Lending Professional Divorce Mortgage Training

A Certified Divorce Lending Professional brings the financial knowledge and expertise of a solid understanding of the connection between Divorce and Family Law, IRS Tax Rules, Real Estate and mortgage financing strategies as they all relate to real estate and divorce.
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Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP) Certification Course

Offered by the Divorce Lending Association, the Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP) Certification Course is a credible designation for mortgage professionals with a strong desire to advance their careers working with divorcing clients, attorneys and other divorce professionals. Founded in 2014, the CDLP course is the mortgage industry's divorce mortgage training program designed to prepare you to become an integral member of the professional divorce team. 

What is a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP)?

A Certified Divorce Lending Professional brings the financial knowledge and expertise of a solid understanding of the connection between Divorce and Family Law, IRS Tax Rules and mortgage financing strategies as they all relate to real estate and mortgage financing in a divorce situation.

Today more than ever, Certified Divorce Lending Professionals (CDLP) are an essential resource for divorcing couples, divorce attorneys and financial planners.

A professional divorce team has a range of team players including the attorney, financial planner, accountant, appraiser, mediator and yes, a divorce lending professional. Every team member has a significant role ensuring the divorcing client is set to succeed post decree. A CDLP is the perfect addition to the professional divorce team.

  • Learn how to become an essential part of the professional divorce team and become involved early in the process rather than as a post-decree referral.
  • Learn how to recognize potential legal and tax implications with regards to mortgage financing in divorce situations.
  • Learn how to identify potential concerns with support/maintenance structures that may conflict with mortgage financing opportunities.
  • Learn how to help implement a strategic divorce settlement agreement while working with the professional divorce team that ensures the best opportunities to secure mortgage financing post divorce.
  • Learn how to work with divorcing couples in a collaborative setting.
  • Learn how to build your practice as a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP)
  • And So Much More!

The Role of a CDLP on the Professional Divorce Team

 The ultimate goal is to always best meet the needs of the divorcing client.

In over 70% of all divorces in the United States real estate is involved and most often, so is the need for mortgage financing. Due to the unique mortgage financing requirements that divorcing clients often face, a Certified Divorce Lending Professional is a major member of the Professional Divorce Team.

The role of the CDLP is to not only help the divorcing client, but the other members of the professional divorce team understand the opportunities available as well as the challenges divorce can bring to mortgage financing during and after the divorce. When the CDLP is involved during the divorce process and not after the fact, many potential financing struggles can be avoided with valuable and educated input from the Certified Divorce Lending Professional.  

The CDLP understands their role is not to provide legal or tax advice. Their role on the professional divorce team is to help by providing insight on mortgage financing opportunities and recognize potential legal or tax concerns that may arise in any given circumstance while bringing these concerns or opportunities to the attention of other team members.

CDLP training is offered in a live setting or online as a self-paced program.

  • Over 12 hours of industry specific instruction.
  • 1 Hour Annual Continuing Education is required and consists of attending at least one course update webinar each year in order to keep certification current.
  • Free Membership with the Divorce Lending Association provides Continuing Education Access, CDLP Member Directory Listing, Industry Updates, Member Discounts, and more.

This course is also available in a live classroom format. A 2-Day intense workshop including certification test. Please contact us to make special arrangements for an in-house company training or see below for upcoming events.

Testimonials from a few of our CDLP Members

"Jody and the Divorce Lending Association have been a valuable asset to my business. A great resource to gain knowledge in this area and a phenomenal platform to assist me in getting in front of more referral partners and thus help more clients." Greg Gale

"I have closed a few of the attorney leads this year and have several that are still in the works, one of which I will be appearing as an expert witness in the January trial. I look forward to including this on my professional bio." Tammi Lindley

"This opportunity came to me through my Manager. After 6 months of deleting his emails I decided to go for it and it has brought me to a higher level in production and in my career. Divorce is not market driven like refinances and in some cases purchase business. I find this to be the foundation of my business and continue to grow." Beverlee Fairbanks

"CDLP has provided great insight and resources to grow my business. I am so excited to see what 2019 will end up at." Daniel Humes

"This was my first week meeting with Attorneys as a CDLP. It was great! Every Attorney I met with were open to work with me. Most of them didn’t know a program like this existed. The brochures you provide using the marketing platform is the icing on the cake!! It’s a total professional program." Tony Hobbs

"Becoming a CDLP has allowed me to provide accurate guidance to divorcing clients and genuinely help them through an emotionally challenging time in their lives. It has also opened doors & connections with other great professionals." Jim Bakhtiar

"Had a great meeting today with a group of six attorneys and their staff. 1st meeting ever with a divorce team. Thanks Jody! Once I told them I was a CDLP they were all very impressed. Also, they asked if I could go to court with them on some cases." The Pruitt Team at MVB Mortgage 

"Started my first partnership with a divorce attorney which led to working with their preferred agent!" Ryan Green

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CDLP Divorce Training Course Content

Family Law & Real Estate Module | How to understand the disconnect between family law & real estate matters in a divorce situation while working with divorce professionals during the settlement process.

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CDLP Certification Course

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