A Don't Miss 2-Day Major Event!

Level Up Your Divorce Lending Practice with Education, Knowledge and Secret Reveals!

September 17 & 18, 2019
9:00 to 4:30 Daily
CDLP Networking & Happy Hour Tuesday
from 4:30 to 6:30
Reno, Nevada!


Reserve Your Spot! $525 Reserve Your Hotel Room Here

A message from Jody Bruns, President | Divorce Lending Association

The Divorce Lending Association and the CDLP Certification program have made great strides in the past 5 years. We have grown from the simple desire to provide a strong educational platform for divorce mortgage professionals to a nationally recognized program—the only industry specific divorce mortgage training program in the mortgage industry today!

I am super excited to share in the experience of our first annual Next Level Mastermind! This event is not like other conferences where speakers are there to pitch their products, but rather an event that offers focused education, knowledge and industry practices and insights on how to grow your successful divorce lending practice.

The excitement and enthusiasm in all of our speakers keeps growing as they learn more about our program and the value that a CDLP brings to the divorce team and the divorcing client. Their enthusiasm was so big that I was forced to give up my own speaking spot to allow for their expanded presentations! And I was happy to do so and look forward to
being the MC for this amazing event!

I don’t want you to miss the big reveal of our new website that drives consumer leads directly to you! This is a proven process that will deliver high quality, WARM & VETTED leads and if they aren’t currently working with an attorney you also have the potential to create a new attorney lead as well!

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet and network with other CDLPs during our DLA hosted Happy Hour on Tuesday following the day’s full schedule of amazing speakers! Get to know your fellow CDLPS, understand what makes them successful and create strong and positive relationships!

I am super excited to finally meet you in person and looking forward to seeing you in Reno!

~ Jody


Headline Speakers

Barry Habib

Barry Habib with MBS Highway presents "Culture of Excellence."  Understanding the future direction of interest rates & articulating the financial opportunities.

Kevin Scudder

Kevin Scudder with the IACP explains the collaborative process & the role of the financial neutral. Providing CDLPs with a more knowledgeable approach for participating in the collaborative process.

Mark Blundell

Mark Blundell explains the most effective way to get your message in front of the eyeballs of your target audience in such a powerful way that it motivates them into taking positive action

Dr. Sue Cornbluth

Dr. Sue Cornbluth, named “The Top Advocate and Professor for Human Rights” by the Good Will Ambassador for World Peace explains the High Conflict Personality and how to work with a High Conflict Client.

Jody Bruns

Jody Bruns, President of the Divorce Lending Association explains how to work with high level & high net-worth clients. Developing strategies working with zero income & high assets.

Greg Gale

Greg Gale, CDLP and CORE Coach presents "Acquiring New Referral Accounts - a system & process for targeting & landing new relationships to get more business."

Laurel Starks

Laurel Starks with the Institute of Divorce Real Estate provides insight on the role of the divorce real estate professional, the working relationship with the CDLP and educational opportunities for your real estate partners.

Connie Walsh

Connie Walsh, CDFA, CFP with over 30 years working with divorcing clients as a financial mediator prepares the CDLP to become a partner in the financial mediation process during the divorce process.

Invite Your Realtor Partner!

This is an amazing opportunity for your real estate partner to have a one-on-one class with Laurel Starks. 

Agent Only Class Tuesday afternoon: The Divorce Niche, Divorce Listings, Barriers to Entry in Divorce Real Estate, 90-day plan to success in divorce real estate.

This is an amazing event for your real estate partners who want to partner with you - They can sign up here!

Real Estate Partners Register Here! $475

Secret Reveal!

Our marketing team, headed by Mark Neal, has been hard at work at the Divorce Lending Association working on an AMAZING lead generation tool that will connect you with consumers, real estate professionals and attorneys!

Participation will be limited; however, all Next Level Summit attendees will be guaranteed the option to participate!


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