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Why is a Certification important to have?

It's a stamp of excellence: a certification tells your referral partners and clients that you are well-qualified and that you take your career seriously. Investing in your knowledge and education demonstrates a commitment to your profession and that you are willing to invest time and money into your success. 

Certification keeps you current: One of the most important reasons to get certified is that it helps you stay ahead of the competition. If you truly want to succeed in the divorce lending industry, you need to stay current in all regulations that affect your position. Always keep learning and you'll have a knowledge base that will make you an asset far into the future.


What's the difference between a "certification" and a "designation"?

These terms are usually used interchangeably, even though some credentialing organizations may try to create artificial distinctions between them. The key is to look for strong education supported by ongoing requirements: does the mark require experience as a prerequisite and continuing education and adherence to a strong ethical code, and can the credential be removed if participants are not compliant.


What continuing education is required to maintain the CDLP certification and why is it necessary?

2 hours of continuing education is required each year to maintain an active CDLP Certification. CE is offered directly by the Divorce Lending Association and includes industry updates from family law, to tax changes to guidelines.

The CE requirements are mandated to ensure that CDLPs are current on changes that will affect their divorcing clients. We do not believe in 'one and done' programs as these types of programs ultimately fail the participant and clients.


How long does the online course take to complete?

Please allow at least 15 hours to completely get through the online modules and study guide. The CDLP certification test is available once you have completed the last module. There is a lot of information to cover and the learning process should never end. 


What is the difference between the online and live courses?

There is no difference in content as both options cover the same information. We offer both delivery options as a matter of preference and convenience for our participants.


What are the membership terms to remain an Active Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP). 

After you become a registered Member, and after the initial membership period of one month or one year depending upon your initial registration, the Divorce Lending Association will automatically charge your credit card each renewal period at the then current membership renewal rate until you cancel your subscription by contacting our office or online.  

Second and Subsequent Year Membership Continuing Education Requirement | In addition to paying the renewal fee, members must complete two (2) hours of approved Continuing Education (CE) material provided by The Divorce Lending Association .

How current is your material?

The material in the CDLP course is updated regularly and multiple times per year to include any industry changes of significance. When there is any type of an update, all current CDLPs are notified of the changes so they are kept informed and up to date to better service their referral partners and clients.


What job aides do you have for me?

We have put together some amazing job aides as quick reference tools. For example - Waiting Periods to Count Child Support or Alimony FHA/VA/Fannie/Freddie/USDA - May sound simple, but you'd be amazed at the information it contains.


What if I have a question during the course or after I have become a CDLP?

We are here to help you succeed! If you have questions during the course or scenarios we can help you with while working with a divorcing clients simply reach out to us via email or on the phone. We want to be your resource and help you succeed.


Is your program for real estate agents?

The Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP) course is designed for the mortgage professional. Real estate professionals are always welcome to take our course.




Have a question that we didn't answer? Please send us an email and we will gladly respond. [email protected] 


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