Divorce Principles

Divorce Real Estate Training

70% of Divorces in the United States involve real estate

47% of all Divorces involving real estate either Sell or Refinance the marital home

Divorce Principles is a baseline training class for real estate professionals who want to provide a higher level of service working with divorcing clients.

Family Law & Real Estate

When you understand how buying & selling real estate during a divorce can implicate your clients, you offer a higher level of service.

Tax Rules & Real Estate

Raise the bar working with divorcing clients by recognizing significant tax rules that will affect your clients in and out of divorce.

Divorce & Real Estate

Protect your license and your commission when working with divorcing clients and build strong loyal clients in the process.

Never Stop Learning

Whether you are thinking about making the divorce market your specialty niche or want to raise your level of service working with divorcing clients, you need to take this class.

4 Hour Class via Live Feed Webinar with Jody Bruns, President/Founder of the Divorce Lending Association.

Next Live Class: Aug 27th Noon-4:00 EST

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Why add divorce referrals to your Real Estate Business?

  • 70% of Divorces in the United States involve real estate
  • 47% of all Divorces involving real estate either Sell or Refinance the marital home

Learn the strategies of working with divorce attorneys and other divorce professionals to grow your network into a strong and predictable business plan.

The Divorce Lending & Real Estate Market is Much Bigger than Simply Marketing to Divorce Attorneys. You need a knowledge base more than mortgage guidelines and listing agreements. Divorce referrals can add tremendous value to your current business plan.

The problem is - most real estate and mortgage professionals don't understand that divorcing clients are not your typical home sellers, buyers or refinance clients. Taking your success to a higher level working with divorcing clients requires a strong understanding of how the puzzle pieces of divorce not only all fit together but how they all intersect.

  • Divorce Referrals are not cyclical.
  • Divorce Referrals are not affected by the inventory shortages.
  • Divorce Referrals do not shop you because you are part of the Professional Divorce Team.
  • Divorce Referrals add stability and structure to your business planning efforts.

In the United States, a divorce occurs every 13 seconds.  When you add shared homeownership to divorce, things can get even more complicated.  Homeowners going through a divorce face a variety of difficult matters.  The marital home is typically the largest shared asset, from both a financial standpoint as well as a sentimental one. The decisions made concerning the home are crucial to long-term financial well-being.

Divorce is a complex process that affects just about every aspect of the divorcing client’s life: financial, emotional, physical and legal. Unless they have been married for only a short time and have no property, assets or children, they probably need the advice of more than one divorce professional to help smooth the road ahead of them. They will need expert service from one, some, or all of the following professionals: lawyer, mediator, accountant, divorce financial specialist, therapist, real estate agent, and mortgage lender. While each of these professionals can help a divorcing client through a challenging transition period, finding the right ones can be stressful.

Not only is selecting a divorce attorney and financial advisor one of the most important decisions a divorcing client makes during a divorce; equally important is the extended professional divorce team of these trusted advisors. When real estate is involved, divorcing couples are looking for professionals who not only empathize with what they are going through, but who also understand and recognize the tax and legal implications of dividing real estate in a divorce.

As you begin to explore working in the divorce market, it is important to recognize the different pieces of the divorce puzzle as they all relate to divorce. How family law, tax law and other opportunities implicate divorcing couples.  Equally important is the understanding of each piece of the puzzle to a real estate professional and mortgage lender and how they should know and understand the implications as well.

The actions of each professional involved in and to what degree, can have positive and negative effects on the client’s life after divorce.  By gaining an understanding of how each piece of the puzzle fits together, your professional divorce team can better serve your divorcing client.

Divorce Principles is a very comprehensive course.

  • Why the divorce market is so important to you and your business goals
  • Understanding the Professional Divorce Team and where you fit in
  • How to recognize certain aspects of family law and tax law that impact real estate and mortgage financing
  • Protect your license and commission when working with divorcing sellers and buyers with Real Estate
  • How to understand and apply specific lending guidelines to work for your divorcing clients


Did you know that you could involuntarily become a party to the divorce case?

Do you know how to intervene in the divorce case to protect your commission?

Although the sales process is the same, working with divorcing clients is not the same as working with traditional real estate clients! Make sure you understand the difference how to provide a higher level of service while protecting your license and commission!


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