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Choose the right course and educational level that suits your needs. We provide high-level education for both mortgage and real estate professionals.

Become the Subject Matter Expert and Build a Successful Divorce Lending Practice

CDLP Certification is for Mortgage Professionals who desire to become the Go-To Expert in their market and build a strong, successful divorce lending practice.

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Elevate Your Knowledge of the Divorce Market

Learn the fundamentals of working with divorcing clients when real estate and mortgage financing are present. Divorce Principles is a high-level course for both mortgage and real estate professionals. 

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Become a More Effective Negotiator

REM-S Basic Mediation Skills Training is for both mortgage and real estate professionals. Equip yourself with the innovative negotiation strategies you need to excel at the bargaining table. Basic Mediation Skills training raises your level of negotiation skills, mediation support and value on the professional divorce team.

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Dr. Sue Cornbluth & Jody Bruns

REPLAY: Dr. Sue Cornbluth interviews Jody Bruns as they discuss divorce, real estate, and mortgage financing. The challenges for divorcing couples and mortgage financing. The Role of the CDLP in divorce.

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Split Ready Interview

Join us for a discussion with Jody Bruns, the President and Founder of the Divorce Lending Association. Jody is credited with establishing industry certification programs for mortgage professionals working with divorcing clients. Jody takes her knowledge further as an approved continuing education provider for multiple state bar associations and financial planning boards educating attorneys, financial planners and other divorce professionals on the underlying concerns when divorce and real estate meet head on.

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Conversations about Divorce with Mandy Walker, Divorce Coach

For most couples, the marital home is the bulk of their wealth. If one party wants to keep the home, it means buying out the other party. That typically means refinancing. If you’re leaving the home, then you’ll likely be looking to buy another - that means finding financing. Regardless, it’s complicated. What you don’t know could hurt you:
Can you be released from your current mortgage?What is a contingent liability?What is the difference between a Cash Out Refinance and an Equity Buyout?What ... 
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